OpenMoko workshop at ETel

adrian cockcroft adrian.cockcroft at
Tue Feb 27 18:54:19 CET 2007

Rough notes, taken as Sean talked.

8:30am, about 30 people in the audience, in a large room, plenty of
space. Same basic presentation as FOSDEM, as far as I can tell, now I
can actually read the slides...

Showing actual screenshots of apps for the first time..

pim application UI shows translucent menu
Full GTK widget set
PIM uses evolution data server lite - EDS lite - outlook sync etc.

header panel, matchbox-panel-2 shared libraries
footer panel, task mgr, status stack, app toggle

Finger apps
Phase1 - Dialer, Main Menu, Music Player, History

Phase2 - Clocks screen saver, calc, unit conv, game, guitar tuning, code memo

Stylus apps
Phase1 - contcacts, dates, apps manager, today

Phase2 - feed eader, messages, prefs....

Standard kit includes 512MB SD card.

Developer sales - Late March, maybe 1st week of April
Phase 1+ June - Hardware Refresh - faster CPU to allow alpha blend UI
etc. The #1 "request" i.e. WiFi - will be in the refresh hardware.

They are working on phones that will have cameras.
VOIP needs WiFi, open source framework once they have WiFi
Graphics acceleration - you bet... OpenGL and hardware acceleration
Prototype in his pocket boots and runs X.
Multitouch - capacitive allows multi-touch, resistive doesn't. Lots of
prior art, so this isn't going to be a patentable thing
Unit volumes - can't say, but longest component lead time is 6 weeks
Widgets - GTK contains lots of legacy code, some ugliness needed,
trying to make it better, future UI work based on OpenGL for Linux is
Multimedia libraries - currently Mplayer, future may be Gstreamer
needs faster CPU
Application management needs a lot of work, based on openembedded
Languages, mainly C with projects to add Java, Python etc.
Questions about the proprietary GSM modules and variations.
Next get CPU will be a faster Samsung, which needs external graphics chip.

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