t-mobile bans user's own apps

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang.rupprecht+gnus200702 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 20:26:06 CET 2007

It appears that T-Mobile has just started banning third-party
applications from running on phones they provide cellular service to.
Grumble.  Before this they seemed to have the best GSM deal in this
part of the world (San Francisco Bay Area, USA).


    "This means T-Mobile feature phone users are prohibited from
    surfing the Web with Opera Mini, checking maps on Google Local for
    Mobile, listening to podcasts with Mobilcast, and using any other
    form of software not pre-approved by T-Mobile."

I wonder how they'll react to an open phone where code like this comes
as a "factory option".

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht                http://www.wsrcc.com/wolfgang/

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