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Ole Tange at
Wed Feb 28 01:12:54 CET 2007

On 2/21/07, Lars Hallberg <lah at> wrote:
> Harald Welte skrev:
> > This is really important not to confuse users.  Imagine somebody
> > googling for "GSM Phone" and "Wifi" and he ends up in our wiki on a page
> > that describes what wonderful things you can do with wifi on an [not
> > explicitly marked as imaginary] OpenEZX phone.  Now that person buys a
> > device, to only then find out that this is some wishlist/dream of
> > somebody.
> It's even more complicated... OpenMoko being a distribution. An idea may
> or may not be implemented in the distribution. May demand some hardware
> features of the device. Finally, different devices that physically have
> those features may or may not have these feature supported in the
> distribution.

> Marking things wishlist is a start, but listing needed hardware features
> is nest step, and when it matures and start being implemented, listing
> supported devices may be a good idea.

I still do not like the wishlist concept for reasons I described earlier.

I have given it some thought and I have implemented it on

Does this address Lars' and Harald's concerns well enough?


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