Itch3: Anti-lost/theft protection

Jan Van Vlaenderen jan.vanvlaenderen at
Wed Feb 28 07:48:42 CET 2007

Euhhh, I do not want the thief to make international calls on my bill....

May be the phone should simulate that it's switched off ( to save power )
and send from time to time the coordinates.


On 2/27/07, Aloril <aloril at> wrote:
> When phone is lost and somebody picks it up, it would first ask PIN
> and have message in screen that says something like "If you don't know
> PIN, give 1234". If user types 1234 then it presents 2 buttons:
> "Contact owner of phone" and "Use phone" (==I'm stealing this). If
> user selects "Use phone", then it would present factory looking
> interface with empty address book, etc.. and quietly contact owner
> anyway and tell current coordinates ;-) Idea is keep thief using phone
> until police arrives and recovers it. If phone notices new SIM, it
> would go directly to "I'm stolen" mode. Maybe run under Linux-VServer
> in stolen mode.
> With suitable arrangement remote ssh connection to phone should be
> possible which would give nice control over stolen phone.
> There could also be a bluetooth headset and/or bluetooth watch.  If it
> loses contact to phone, phone would complain loudly and if bluetooth
> gadget is enough smart it could complain too. This gadget could warn
> about low battery too.
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