Itch3: Anti-lost/theft protection

Bartłomiej Zdanowski DRP AC2 b.zdanowski at
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Aloril napisał(a):
> When phone is lost and somebody picks it up, it would first ask PIN
(...bla bla bla...)

I like the idea. I agree with Cayco, that you cannot ask police to catch 
the thief. But sending coords would be very interesting solution.
As the GPS coords may be not very accurate I'd extend the idea to 
bluetooth connection which is a very short range, to point person who 
owns the stolen phone.
The phone might change it's bluetooth device name to some special string 
(like "stolen NEO" :-) ) so we might detect it in a short range and 
point person who owns it.

Phone after detecting theft should work with thief's SIM card as usual 
but also send GPS coords.

Remember that if you use PIN code thief cannot use your SIM until he 
types right PIN. He/she should use his own SIM card.

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