Itch3: Anti-lost/theft protection

Christian T. christian.t.80 at
Wed Feb 28 13:31:06 CET 2007

> I like the idea. I agree with Cayco, that you cannot ask police to catch
> the thief.
Actually in some contries that might work. :)

> But sending coords would be very interesting solution.
> As the GPS coords may be not very accurate I'd extend the idea to
> bluetooth connection which is a very short range, to point person who
> owns the stolen phone.
> The phone might change it's bluetooth device name to some special string
> (like "stolen NEO" :-) ) so we might detect it in a short range and
> point person who owns it.
That's a really good idea.

> Phone after detecting theft should work with thief's SIM card as usual
> but also send GPS coords.
> Remember that if you use PIN code thief cannot use your SIM until he
> types right PIN. He/she should use his own SIM card.
Here's the problem: Although it's a good idea that the thief has to use
his own SIM (that's what he expects anyway) but it won't be easy to get
a GPRS-connection for sending the coordinates. If he is using another
provider, the settings will differ. Many providers even demand a
password for opening a data-connection...

The theft-problem _could_ be solved by the providers. They can locate
any cellphone anyway and should be able to give information to the
police, when a cellphone with an IMEI that's reported stolen connects to
their network. But they don't want to!

And a professional thief who is able to change the IMEI somehow will
also be able to reflash the Neo1973...

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