Itch3: Anti-lost/theft protection

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Christian T. napisał(a):
> Here's the problem: Although it's a good idea that the thief has to use
> his own SIM (that's what he expects anyway) but it won't be easy to get
> a GPRS-connection for sending the coordinates. If he is using another
> provider, the settings will differ. Many providers even demand a
> password for opening a data-connection...
> The theft-problem _could_ be solved by the providers. They can locate
> any cellphone anyway and should be able to give information to the
> police, when a cellphone with an IMEI that's reported stolen connects to
> their network. But they don't want to!

The will to locate phone depends on GSM provider. Sometimes they have 
IMEI black list. It requires reflashing to change it.
Phone locating depends on current "visible" GSM transmitters. I've used 
several times locating service in a big city where there's a lot of GSM 
transmitters in close range and it's not very accurate. System said that 
target phone was a few streets away from the place where it really was.

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