Itch3: Anti-lost/theft protection

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Wed Feb 28 15:22:30 CET 2007

Locking the phone and receiving GPS position is great but how do you find your Neo in a crowd when the thief as it in is pocket. I would add 2 more options to the list. 

First: The phone should (when available) capture pictures at interval and store them to the phone until it can send them to a predefined email address. (Bluetooth internet, wifi, etc).

Second: Why not have a "Stolen Mode" built-in the phone that could be triggered via SMS, email or even by phone. Not only lock the phone but how about having a prerecorded "stolen message" in the phone memory. Triggering the "Stolen Mode" could start the stolen message at full volume. This way not only will the thief will be surprised it would obviously alarm everyone around him and the only way to turn the msg off would be to remove the battery. Either way the thief would "stand out" from the crowd and be more easy to spot.  

*Better yet why not modify the phone to incorporate a small watch battery under a screwed cover to keep the "Stolen Mode" active even if the thief manages to pry open the back panel and remove the primary battery.

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