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Wed Feb 28 15:34:42 CET 2007

The problem that I see here is that they seem to offer the same
"technical" product (unlimited data access) at different price points.

Our first generation Neos won't blip on their radar, because they are
total slow (I don't think that you will be able to fetch more than
10GB a month, even if you would be receiving at full speed 24hours a

But later, with EGPRS or UMTS, you might get into troubles if you
overuse, and their legal department tries to frame you as the bad guy.

a paranoid,


* Matthew Naftzger <matthew at> [070228 15:06]:
>           "Data Connect
>           Access your e-mail, corporate intranet, and the Internet while on
>           the go by wirelessly connecting your PDA to the
>           Internet. Requires usage with a Cingular Wireless PDA. Service is
>           not available at all times in all places. View Map and Coverage
>           Limitations.  View all 4 Data Connect Cingular Plans"
>    You have to remember they're writing these for the general masses.  More
>    than likely they're trying to people from thinking it will work with to
>    $19.99 throw away phone.  And of course, they want to sell you their
>    phone.
>    I have the $20 a month plan, and use my Treo for dial up networking
>    regularly.  Not had a problem yet.  
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