Clarification: ETel social gathering

michael at michael at
Wed Feb 28 20:02:37 CET 2007

I've been reminded to point out that this is open to everyone, not only ETel

If you can not join us for dinner, you are more than welcome to join us later
for drinks. You are welcome to call me to confirm our location and how much
longer we'll be there, in case you have a long drive and want to make sure
we'll still be there when you arrive. My phone number is on the wiki on the
event page


On Tue, 27 Feb 2007, michael at wrote:

> 1. Sean suggested we meet for dinner on Thursday, then carry on to the bar
>   later. You are welcome whenever, but please let us know on the wiki so we
>   can reserve the appropriate size table
> 2. I took a video of Sean's presentation this morning. Sean has the tapes and
>   will upload as soon as he can.
> Michael

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