Itch3: Anti-lost/theft protection

Aaron Coats aaron at
Wed Feb 28 20:36:02 CET 2007

Once the phone goes into "Stolen Mode" the Bluetooth radio could be  
turned on continuously.  You don't need to use another phone to  
detect Bluetooth, many laptops (most Macs) have built-in BT and if  
they don't you can get a dongle.


On Feb 28, 2007, at 7:08 AM, s.jolicoeur at wrote:

>> s.jolicoeur at napisał(a):
>>> Locking the phone and receiving GPS position is great but how
>> do you
>>> find your Neo in a crowd when the thief as it in is pocket. I
>> would
>>> add 2 more options to the list.
>> It was solved a few answers ago via bluetooth.
> How will you detect the bluetooth "stolen name" if you don't have a  
> phone anymore ?. Not all phones have bluetooth and not everybody  
> uses it. Bluetooth enable phones don't look for devices  
> indefinitely and bluetooth is not always on and being on all the  
> time is considered a security hole. So i wonder how someone loosing  
> or getting is Neo stolen can retrieve it via bluetooth without  
> having to get a bluetooth phone or enabled device capable of  
> reading the tag.
> The idea is great and should be kept but how don't see myself  
> running to the closest cellphone dealer to get a 50$ bluetooth  
> enable cellphone to pinpoint my 400$ Neo. Sounds illogical to me
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