Alternative input, like Dasher

Paul Bohme paul at
Wed Jan 17 17:04:27 CET 2007

Derek Pressnall wrote:
> One of my favorite alternative inputs is a system callec QuickWriting
> (I've also seen it called qwikscript, qwikscroll, etc).  The concept
> is that you have the alphabet aranged in groups along a circle, where
> the circle is divided into eight sections.  Each section contains 5
> characters.  To select a character, you drag the stylus from the
> center of the circle into the appropriate section, then either go back
> to the center, or enter an adjacent section(s) then go back to the
> center.  The section(s) you enter and leave determine the character
> selected.
> Once you get used to it (after about a week or so) you start to
> develope a "flow" for certain words and you can end up with a fairly
> quick input speed (faster than on-screen keyboard).  One
> implimentation is called QwikScript for Qtopia, but I haven't seen
> this done for GTK yet.  Check it out on

I did an implementation of this for the Agenda VR3 some years ago.  Is 
one of the things that I was thinking of pulling in, as it is far 
preferable (imho) to an on-screen keyboard.  It uses some FLTK-based 
libs, should be a pretty straight recompile with some adjustments for 
the vastly higher resolution of the device vs. the Agenda. has the existing project.


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