Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Alexander Steinert sputnik at
Thu Jan 18 00:29:50 CET 2007

<Renaissance Man, Thu 2007-01-18 00:09 CET>
> Who do I talk to ask them to include WiFi connectivity with the  
> OpenMoko? I'll sell my body parts to get hold of such a device.

I'd resell your kidneys :-)

> Why does no organisation (even Apple) seem to get it that the mobile  
> communications revolution is through VoIP via WiFi. This is the  
> killer app.

They got it. But VoIPoWLAN as the *only* speech channel is no killer
app, IMHO. It's VoIPoWLAN + GSM. Here the GSM providers enter the stage
and don't like the idea too much, thus don't sponsor such devices.

> Please include WiFi!

It's just a matter of patience. OpenMoko/Neo is the Way[TM].


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