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Mon Jul 2 00:39:33 CEST 2007

Annother possible scenario:

Neo: Hi, I'm an Neo.
iPhone: And I'm an iPhone.
* iPhone looks on a big map and tries to orientate himself
Neo: What are you doing?
iPhone: I try to locate myself by using Google Maps.
Neo: Oh, that doesn't seem to be very exciting. I use GPS for that kind of
stuff. Works automatically.
iPhone: GPS, yeah?
Neo: Yes. Oh, wait, I'm entering the cinema. I think, it's better for me, to
switch to stand-by now. See you after the movie.
iPhone: Oh, bye.
* Neo leaves, iPhone looks on the map again.
iPhone: Oh, here we are! Finally...

You see, I'm not very good in writing scripts, I hope you can understand,
what I mean.
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