concept phone with only a touchscreen for UI

Matthew S. Hamrick mhamrick at
Sat Jun 2 21:53:09 CEST 2007

It's interesting.. here in the states, people really love the tactile  
feedback you get with a "real" keyboard. But I've heard several  
people say that touch screens are quite popular in Asia. If so, that  
might explain why BenQ (and not Motorola) did this design and maybe  
Apple is thinking about the iPhone for the Asian market instead of  
the US market. Also... myPhone development has been greatly  
simplified by having a touchscreen as the primary input. We can try  
out all sorts of control layouts without having to print new keypads.

-Matt H.

On Jun 2, 2007, at 10:47 AM, michael at wrote:

>> From our friends at SVHMPC,
> A concept phone that is one big touchscreen, not unlike Neo1973.  
> Interesting
> point: "One issue keeping touchscreen concepts like this from  
> becoming a
> reality is the tactile-feedback issue" so I think we are right on  
> the mark
> with the discussions of and proposed solutions to this issue.
> Michael
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> Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2007 16:22:21 -0700
> From: Chris Palmer <chris at>
> Subject: [SVHMPC] Black Box phone
> Has this been linked to the list yet?
> I think I still want some kind of tactile keyboard option (credit-card
> sized bluetooth keyboard may be good enough), but this is still pretty
> interesting.  :)
> -Chris
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