Neo1973 Update!

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Sun Jun 3 17:00:34 CEST 2007

Hi list,

I got some news to share with you.

As of Mickey's OpenMoko-talk at the Berliner LinuxTag (LinuxDay) there
are some new hardware information:

Phase 2 (GTA-02) will feature:
-a 2D/3D-Graphics Accelerator
-256MByte of Flash Memory
-updated battery: 1700mAh

And the finally thing everybody has been asking for:
2 Accelerometers. F**k yeah. Looking forward to it.
(Has anyone heard any updates concerning possible multi-touch-abilities
of the neo yet?)

Additional IRC-info I got: :)
[16:14:29]  <Elrond> ... is GTA02's gsm module now connected to the PMU,
so that we have full control over the GSM?
[16:14:29]  <stefan_schmidt> Elrond: yes
[16:14:29]  <stefan_schmidt> Elrond: We can fully shutdown GSM
[16:14:29]  <mickey|berlin> that, and we can finally measure the current
[16:14:29]  <mickey|berlin> no more uncontrolled sucking from the battery
[16:14:29]  <mickey|berlin> at least we know how much pwr we consume then

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