Neo1973 Update!

Tomasz Zielinski tomasz.zielinski at
Sun Jun 3 23:44:32 CEST 2007

2007/6/3, openmokolist.50.minime at <openmokolist.50.minime at>:

> Phase 2 (GTA-02) will feature:
> -a 2D/3D-Graphics Accelerator
> -256MByte of Flash Memory
> -WiFi
> -updated battery: 1700mAh

Well, GTA-01 is now definitely dead on arrival. Without finished
software is hasn't any chance. My bet: it won't be sold at all, nobody
would buy it now. GTA-02 will be the first model on sale.

Am I correct?

Tomek Z.
tomasz.zielinski at

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