Neo1973 Update!

Frank Coenen franknstein666 at
Mon Jun 4 00:06:55 CEST 2007

Developers, developers, developers!!! (Steve Balmer style, if you know what
I mean).
It will be a while for GTA_02 to come out. The GTA_01 batch will probably be
sold to (community)developers.

Hardware will of course be continually upgraded, but you have to start
somewere with the software.
There has been much talk on this list for a discount on the GTA-02 device,
if you already bought a gta-01.

Remember: The first GTA-02 samples have just hit the FIC office in Taiwan.
It will be a while until they will be massproduced. These are just the

On 6/3/07, Tomasz Zielinski <tomasz.zielinski at> wrote:
> 2007/6/3, openmokolist.50.minime at <openmokolist.50.minime at
> >:
> > Phase 2 (GTA-02) will feature:
> > -a 2D/3D-Graphics Accelerator
> > -256MByte of Flash Memory
> > -WiFi
> > -updated battery: 1700mAh
> Well, GTA-01 is now definitely dead on arrival. Without finished
> software is hasn't any chance. My bet: it won't be sold at all, nobody
> would buy it now. GTA-02 will be the first model on sale.
> Am I correct?
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