Neo1973 Update!

Mark Eichin eichin-openmoko at
Mon Jun 4 00:36:42 CEST 2007

> Well, GTA-01 is now definitely dead on arrival. Without finished
> software is hasn't any chance. My bet: it won't be sold at all, nobody
> would buy it now. GTA-02 will be the first model on sale.
> Am I correct?

Not a chance.  It's a common mistake (sometimes called "The Osborne
Mistake" after Osborne self-cannibalized (around 1982) by releasing
upgrade specs for a future machine that they didn't survive long
enough to sell) but it isn't one that applies here:

  * the GTA-01 is late enough that noone is going to expect the GTA-02
    before 2008 (or maybe 2009 :-} )

  * the "market" for the early-adopter -01 wasn't that big anyway, and
    they'll probably still sell every unit they make, because they
    haven't made that many - but they'll sell to the "right" people to
    make the next models more interesting to the broader audience

  * people we trust on this list have been very forthcoming about the
    process (after all, if we *didn't* expect a much improved GTA-02
    why would anyone take the GTA-01 seriously as a platform?)

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