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Jeff Andros jeff at
Mon Jun 4 03:53:48 CEST 2007

On 6/3/07, Tomasz Zielinski <tomasz.zielinski at> wrote:
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> Well, GTA-01 is now definitely dead on arrival. Without finished
> software is hasn't any chance. My bet: it won't be sold at all, nobody
> would buy it now. GTA-02 will be the first model on sale.
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Actually, I think this is great news for developers... personally, I was a
little worried about getting my own phone since so many power users would be
vying for them... what the openmoko team has done is created a great base
platform for the developers to start working on, and given those power users
something to hold out for... and this means less competition for the p1
phones for those of us that are going to be making the system software work
for the rest of the community...

Sean... you rock!
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