Neo1973 Update!

openmokolist.50.minime at openmokolist.50.minime at
Mon Jun 4 11:31:50 CEST 2007

> the GPS daemon would need to be updated to allow for kallman filtering
> using those accelerometers, so that the GPS apps could continue pointing
> the phones location inside tunnels and stuff

Unfortunately not. As already pointed out on that list, the
accelerometers error would add up itself.

Besides: Its only two accelerometers. You can do 2-dimensional
'navigating' with that, no more. No tilting/rotating.

Regarding the GTA-01-is-dead-issue: Sure, GTA-02 now means some
competition to GTA-01, BUT: Firstly, not everyone wants/needs the 'best
phone ever' with accelerometers, etc. Secondly, FIC will probably offer
a special price to GTA-01 owners and GTA-02 will surely take some time,
though I reckon if the GTA-01 is eventually out soon then GTA-02 should
make it most likely this year too, as hardware issues concerning the GPS
or GSM daemon won't change (others will ;D).
I am pretty sure FIC will offer that special price to GTA-01 owners
because the ones that are those so-called early-adopters will most
likely add to the phones functionality most. And that, of course, is
after all what a this product needs most and FIC would be very stupid
not to support phone development as it would degrade final GTA-02 sales.


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