OpenMoko - We Need HYPE, and we need it yesterday!

el jefe delito eljefedelito at
Mon Jun 4 18:58:48 CEST 2007

Just mentioning the Neo1973's merits and existence will open many eyes.
People read Apple news (and the buzz which passes for news), and then read
comments; not a lot of non-tech people read news about an unknown product
(or less-visible company, FIC).

I agree that we can be better heard in the future by people who are looking
for us, but those that are looking for the iPhone today might find us
interesting and may not come across us otherwise, now or in the future...

start using Free software
It's a matter of Liberty not Price:
  "Free Software exists to free you from the artificial constraints set by
Apple and Microsoft.  Free software is Unrestricted software.  Get Free."
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