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I am a Hungarian exchange student right now and I think I could help
you by sending in a couple articles about OpenMoko to some Hungarian
tech papers. Hungary (in general) is very opened to Linux (go to
Google Trends and search for Linux) and it has got a strong Un*x like
OS lover community. Hungary could be a strong market of OpenMoko. If
you have any existing articles, I could translate it into hungarian
and put it into press. Also I am just about to start a Hungarian
OpenMoko Community site. :)


On 6/4/07, el jefe delito <eljefedelito at> wrote:
> Regardless of where the hardware and software are right now, I would imagine
> that they both will be further along come release date.  But, outside of
> this community and the few people that remember us telling them about the
> FIC Neo1973 and the OpenMoko platform, who knows about this phone or
> platform?
> Slashdot and NYTimes and many other sites have articles about the Apple
> iPhone, but very rarely is the Neo1973 mentioned.  We, the OpenMoko
> community, are interested in these articles too (I would imagine), and yet
> no one ever posts a comment about the Neo1973 (except me, it seems).  If we
> don't get the mainstream press to write about the Neo1973, we (or FIC) are
> going to have a difficult time selling devices and getting out there.  If
> they (press) won't write about the Neo1973, the least we can do is mention
> the Neo1973 in the reader comments, with a link to the wiki.
> Here is one such article from just this weekend.  The iPhone will be getting
> a lot of coverage, and as different as the two philosophies may be, the
> average person on the street will see the two phones as very similar.  If we
> have a great feature comparison, why not let people know??
> I hope that we can start to create some buzz about this product!  Being
> open, being able to work with multiple service providers, being unlocked,
> being cheaper, being higher-resolution... all of these are benefits that we
> must PROMOTE.  The quicker we can post on an article, the higher on the
> Comments list we will be and the more reads that comment will get.  No one
> reads Comment #154267....
> Thoughts?
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