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Tue Jun 5 11:58:10 CEST 2007

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Florent THIERY said the following on 05/06/07 00:33:
> I mean, a neo looks like a great device, but so far it's mainly a
> regular "smartphone"; if the project continues to improve, one day the
> neo will do what linux is best at: full network integration (fuse
> filesystems are a good example i think), disruptive ideas (we'll soon
> have hardware-accelerated graphics, a GPS, as well as accelerators...
> plenty of room for work and innovation in the UI part ! ), and fun,
> human applications.

Agreed. A lot of people don't know about nor care about the Freedom aspect. We
need to find ways to show it off. For example, when we have wifi, it'd be cool
if the openmoko switched to using voip for calls, hence costing the customer
nothing. Or if it could seamlessly send text messages for free over the internet
(again wifi needed). Or if you could make it dead easy to use any MP3 [1] as a
ring tone, instead of having to pay €2 for each one.

Consumers will like this, but they know that phone companies would sell a phone
like this. We could use this to show off that the OpenMoko is *your* phone, not
the phone companies phone.

[1] yes yes I know about mp3s.
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