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Mickeyl said in his presantation that the GTA-02 will be out in a couple of
months. Then, if you look at slide 22 (
) it says that the GTA-02 is the version planed for phase 2.

Phase1: (GTA-01) Out in a couple of days/ weeks.
-> For devolopers!!!
Buggy software. You'd be lucky to make a phonecall. Though you could use it
as a very expensive calculater, since that app has been working for quite
some time. ;-)

Phase2: (GTA-02) Out in a couple of months (the 'september' launch for
general public).
-> For end-users.

I presume that the GTA-02 model will ship prior to the general launch, since
communitiy testing/ development will be done. I think they will accept
orders when the first GTA-02 production run has gone well. Then after a
couple of weeks, when they ramp up production, and the software is ready, we
will enter phase2: Then you're granny can buy one.

On 6/5/07, el jefe delito <eljefedelito at> wrote:
> Could someone please explain to me the difference between Phase 1 and
> Phase 2 phones, from an availability standpoint?  Will it be the Phase1
> being released in September, and Phase2 sometime in 2008?  Or is Phase1 a
> design prototype and Phase2 closer to the for-sale unit available about
> September?
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