OpenMoko - We Need HYPE, and we need it yesterday!

Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente jsmanrique at
Tue Jun 5 17:27:16 CEST 2007

Yes, so, let's start with a SWOT Analysis[1] for OpenMoko platform (or devices):
* Strengths: attributes of the platform that are helpful to achieving
the objective.
- It is Open
- It is from a devices expert company
* Weaknesses: attributes of the platform that are harmful to achieving
the objective.
- Competitors marketing seem stronger
- Need to "redo" apps from other environments
- Pen based GUIs are something "new" for developers (more or less)
* Opportunities: external conditions that are helpful to achieving the
- Mobile Web is growing (users and money)
- Gnome Mobile Alliance
- Devices user experience is not too good
* Threats: external conditions that are harmful to achieving the objective.
- Big competitors (Apple, Microsoft, ...)
- If user experience (gui, integration with other platforms or
solutions) is not good enough product could fail

Sure you can add more on each point. And now the creative part:
* How can we Use each Strength?
- Opensource and free development, let developers create and innovate
- Mashups
* How can we Stop each Weakness?
- More "net" presence, more blogs, more community interaction
- Take care with GUI use, perhaps with usability tests
* How can we Exploit each Opportunity?
- We need context aware browsers, not a desktop browser in a mobile phone
- Mashups?
- Integration with GNOME desktop solutions
- Search new markets (students, old people, ...)
* How can we Defend against each Threat?
- More "net" and social marketing
- Show how it works, and ask for feedback

And when the analysis get done, it's sure that some "slogans" will
rise ;-) Perhaps we need to start a "marketing" section in openmoko

Best regards,


J. Manrique López de la Fuente

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