[SVHMPC] Phone Call Security

Bradley Hook bhook at kssb.net
Tue Jun 5 21:29:58 CEST 2007

Paul Lambert wrote:
>> As I understand it, the hard part is doing key exchange, because for
>> effective fast encryption you frequently swap out mid-sized symmetric
>> keys that are traded using asymmetric encryption (right? correct me if
>> I'm wrong). 
> Ok ... you're wrong :-)   Key exchange is required only once per session.
> For strong symmetric algorithms (like AES), the session can be a very long
> duration (potentially even multiple calls)

Frequent rekeying (e.g., like with TKIP or IKE) is common place. It
allows you to have more secure communications without having to consume
the CPU horsepower to process a larger, stronger algorithm. Huge keys
and algorithms that have a lot more CPU intensive mathematical
operations do make secure single-key sessions possible, but I would
think that would just kill the performance and battery life of the Neo.
Also, the larger the keys and the more intensive the algorithm is, the
more likely you are to impact latency. Notice I originally said
"EFFECTIVE FAST encryption."


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