Clarification Rant

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Wed Jun 6 00:41:29 CEST 2007

Again, please only respond to my "Clarification" email if you have 
something FACTUAL.  This is my rant email, so if you are just anxious 
like me then respond to this.

I've been following the project for quite some time now and was 
anxiously awaiting being able to purchase the phone in March (when it 
was originally scheduled to be available for developers), but that date 
came and passed and at the time I was ok with the setbacks.  However, 
almost three months have passed and there is still no hardware available 
for me.  Now to top it all off there has been talk of a hardware 
revision that will include some really good upgrades (that I would 
normally just wait for).  However, my phone is on the skids and I am 
going to need to make a purchase soon.  This is by no means a threat or 
whatever, but I'm seriously considering jumping ship on the project 
because I don't like waiting for something that I have no idea will ever 
come to fruition.  There are plenty of phones that I could have now that 
I would be perfectly content with and every day that my current phone 
lets me down just makes it harder to...keep waiting.  Before someone 
says "that's just the way it is with hardware projects" can continue 
playing the waiting game, but you may have to do it without me.

I guess the point of this is to say that I am 100% behind OpenMoko, and 
I wish you the best but considering the circumstances I may have to 
either catch you in September (or later).  I really need some details if 
I am going to be able to delay purchasing any longer.


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