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ti, 2007-06-05 kello 17:41 -0500, Jonathon Suggs kirjoitti:
> I'll be short and concise.

In the hopes that people with the same questions will read this...

> 1) Do we have a time frame for when the GTA-01 will be available?

Not really. We know they have a set of phones, and they're doing Q&A for
them. Possibly within a week or two, but still guesswork, and they don't
understandably want to say much until they know they have it this time.

> 2) What are the details GTA-02?
>     a) Is GTA-02 the version with WiFi, accelerometers, upgraded CPU, etc?

Yes. And an upgraded battery and a GPU, with support for OpenGL ME and
mpeg-4 acceleration. No information on how much of its features will be
driver-supported at GTA-02 launch, or when the launch will be.

> 3) What hardware will be used for the official September launch?

One rather doubts it'll be a September launch at this point. Anyway,
GTA-02 will be the mass market hardware.

> 4) What (if any) incentive will be given for people to purchase the 
> upgraded hardware come September (whatever it will be)?

There have been allusions to a GTA-01 owner discount for GTA-02; exact
terms have not been discussed in public, more accurate information is to
be expected when GTA-01 actually starts shipping.

I don't represent FIC. I don't speak for them. This is hearsay, but
educated hearsay from sources on this list, #openmoko IRC channel
including people working on the Neos, and presentations the developers
have given. I consider this information factual enough to answer your
mail, especially since it's not likely the developers are willing to
answer you in any more certain terms at this point in time, so I'm
trying to save everyone time by collecting and conveying this info now.

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