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Wed Jun 6 10:47:17 CEST 2007

On 6/6/07, Peter A Trotter <peter.trotter at> wrote:
> Hold on chaps.
> Every phone I have bought since I started using them (circa 98 - late
> starter, I know) has been heavily subsidised or more recently free. In fact
> in the UK it is hard to pick up a decent contract (plenty of minutes/texts
> and free internet) without getting a free phone. I tried once and it was
> more hassle then it was worth. You certainly wouldn't get a discount for it!
> So I always pick up the most expensive/useful handset at the time and now
> have a collection. I'm so fed up with WM series that those ones either run
> linux or collect dust.
> <heckle>Get to the point!</heckle>
> Well, if your phone economy is anything like the UK stop waiting - go get
> a new phone and a new contract ASAP. It will be free and you will be paying
> for the neo unsubsidised whichever way you work it.
> That is exactly what I did. However, I will also be buying P1 hardware and
> P2 hardware. I believe that phones can be better then WM and intend to help
> make sure that openmoko is a step in the right direction.
> Um, from the sounds of it, having a second phone isn't going to be too bad
of an idea. Personally, I'm considering this kind of like the project hotrod
that spends most of it's time with it's guts strewn around the garage: I'm
keeping my current phone for when I'm "welding on the chassis" and the neo
isn't usable as a phone at all.  Scenarios I foresee:
1.  I'm currently working on something low-level enough that I'm turning the
NEO on and off constantly, or otherwise making it temporarily unavailable
2.  Working later into the night/morning, then have to go to work... without
the phone being operational

In any case, I'd still want to be contactable, and I personally won't buy a
land line any time in the foreseeable future.  My plan is to have a cheap
prepaid sim on hand for testing, and swap my main sim into the phone I have

Not to mention the fact that the dev team has repeatedly stated that the
phase 1 phone will be barely usable... I expect this to change quickly, but
even if it was released tomorrow you might not want to have that be your
only phone for a while.

I'm not sure of your situation, but when my next subsidised phone time comes
around (august) I'm going for the free phone... you never know when you'll
need a backup (or that daily driver for when the [1932 ford|flat fender
CJ|Porsche 928] is getting rebuilt... again)
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