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Fabien fleutot+openmoko at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 11:05:54 CEST 2007

On 6/6/07, Michele Manzato <michele.manzato at verona.miz.it> wrote:
>  [Due to bad UI] Even today I would never, ever buy a Motorola!
I never personally owned a motorola, but it's far from being the first time
I hear rants about their poor usability indeed. I also agree that Nokia
produces rather well designed UIs, at least when compared to other makers.

> To me, GUI usability is probably the most prominent factor of success in a
> product when it comes to sales.

To me, it ought to be, but facts prove that it isn't: I've almost never
heard a marketing speech focused on this (except for iPhone); and if it were
considered critical, I can't believe phone makers couldn't do a bit better
than that.

And it's not that surprising, if you come to think of it: as a customer,
you've got very limited opportunities to judge a phone's usability until
you've bought it and it's too late. There's the word of mouth between users,
but models are renewed so fast that a reputation for usability hardly has
time to develop before the phone is obsolete. The only thing we can rely on
is coarse generalizations, such as your "Motorola UIs suck, don't buy
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