Clarification Rant

openmoko at openmoko at
Wed Jun 6 12:44:49 CEST 2007

> Hold on chaps.
> Every phone I have bought since I started using them (circa 98 - late
> starter, I know) has been heavily subsidised or more recently free. In
> fact
> in the UK it is hard to pick up a decent contract (plenty of minutes/texts
> and free internet) without getting a free phone. I tried once and it was
> more hassle then it was worth. You certainly wouldn't get a discount for
> it!
> So I always pick up the most expensive/useful handset at the time and now
> have a collection. I'm so fed up with WM series that those ones either run
> linux or collect dust.


Get subsidised phone - unlockable ones may have a premium.
Apply funds towards neo.

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