[SVHMPC] concept phone with only a touchscreen for UI

adrian cockcroft adrian.cockcroft at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 18:27:23 CEST 2007

Thanks for the link to Rapidobject. Looks like a nice idea. They
charge 1.9euro's per cubic centimeter (31 euro's per cubic inch),
techshop.ws charges $10 per cubic inch for 3D printing (plus membership fee
that gets access to lots more tools). They also seem to be in Germany rather
than California.

My 3D models for homebrew phone case designs are all being open sourced, so
when I get a stable design figured out and posted to the hbmobile.org wiki
I'll upload it to Rapidobject for Europeans to use as a source, and I'll
probably make parts at techshop and sell them on eBay as well.

However Laser cutting is *much* cheaper and faster if all we want is a 2D
template cut in thin plastic. The resulting part can also be transparent,
and 3D printer output is opaque.

Cheers Adrian

On 6/6/07, Sven Neuhaus <sven-openmoko at sven.de> wrote:
> adrian cockcroft wrote:
> > Or invert the problem, instead of buttons, make holes. The touch
> > sensitive surface is exposed through the holes, and you can feel which
> > hole you are poking at. A relatively stiff transparent cover with holes
> > in is easy to make ( techshop.ws <http://techshop.ws> laser cutter :-)
> > and clip onto the face of the phone.
> You could just whip one up in a CAD program and make it available at a
> 3D-printer store like http://www.rapidobject.com/ for everyone to order.
> -Sven
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