Seamless switching from gprs to wifi calling

mathew davis someoneinjapan at
Thu Jun 7 23:05:44 CEST 2007

Dear community,

I am not sure if this is a widely known thing or not, but I just found out
about it and had some questions about this working on the neo.  T-mobile has
hotspots all around my area, but have been experimenting with a new service
called T-mobile HotSpot @Home.  It uses a UMA (unlicensed mobile access)
technology to allow phones to switch from cellular connection to Wi-Fi
connection.  And also makes it possible for VoIP calls.  So this is
something that is very interesting to me only I would like it to be a little
different, I don't want to use T-Mobile's service I would like to use my
Wi-Fi connection to my VoIP of choice.  I know this has been talked about
before with some options including an Astrex box forwarding the call to your
cellphone until your in range then switching to Wi-Fi but that was not a
very seamless transistion from my understanding.  So I guess my question is
could we impliment a UMA type of technology for the neo that is customizable
to use our VoIP provider?  Or since that particular part is locked we
wouldn't have access to that part?  Just curious. When I get the phone I
will be playing with trying to find a solution to this problem.  I have very
limited knowlege about this kind of thing.  I am not an experianced
programmer yet.  I only have about 3 yers of indestry experiance, but none
of that is mobile development and almost none of it is linux related, so I
have a bit of a learnign curve so that is why I am asking the question

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