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Stefan Schmidt stefan at
Fri Jun 8 11:14:30 CEST 2007


On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 02:41, Philippe De Swert wrote:
> So I would like to propose a todo list on the wiki. This should list a
> number of tasks which people can take up with a short explanation of
> what has to be done and what is expected.

We already had some thoughts about such 'junior tasks'. I really like
the idea to give interested people small tasks for a quick start.

The real problem is to identify such tasks. Most of the stuff is still
much work in progress. We should start such a list anyway. :)

I'll see if I come up with some ideas in the next days.

> This coupled to a seperate email address or mailing list. After which
> the devs can add the patches

I would vote against another ml. We already have enough. Just send the
patch to the ml for the stuff you are hacking on: u-boot, kernel,

> Alternatively we can make sure that more bugs are filed in bugzilla with
> detailed explanations.

This is of course always a godd idea. :)

> Any comments? People willing to take up co-ordinating, devs willing to
> check this out, ...?

Please start the page in the wiki. You guys can already write down
some tasks and I'll poke my colleagues to add some more.

Stefan Schmidt
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