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Fri Jun 8 13:00:49 CEST 2007


On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 07:01, Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> > We already had some thoughts about such 'junior tasks'. I really like
> > the idea to give interested people small tasks for a quick start.
> Regarding quick starts, perhaps some sort of tutorial could be useful,
> e.g.
> - how to get the basic development/run-time environment
> - how to set up QEMU

Should be both in the wiki already, no?

> - how to add/change things to/in the run-time environment

Hmm, do you mean before the buil with OE or working on the live

> - step-by-step description for building a graphical "hello world"
>   application (code layout, widgets, build process, packaging)
> - pointers to reference code for the most important widgets and/or
>   use of infrastructure interfaces

That's indeed a big missing point. On the other hand two projects
already found it way in our tree, rss-reader and calculator, which
means it seems possible to learn how it works. ;)

Anyway we should fill this gap even if I don't know when we have time
for this. :(

> > The real problem is to identify such tasks. Most of the stuff is still
> > much work in progress. We should start such a list anyway. :)
> One problem is also that many "small" tasks involve a lot of
> context. So it's two weeks of learning, five minutes of coding, and
> even then you probably don't do it quite right. Of course, once the
> learning curve is mastered, things improve significantly.

Good point.


So the wiki page should have the following for every single task:
Description, needed skills, links to reference code...

If nobody beat me, *hint*, I'll add these tasks and perhaps some more
to the wiki tonight.

Stefan Schmidt
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