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Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jun 8 13:58:33 CEST 2007

Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Should be both in the wiki already, no?

Yup, so the walk-through should just explain the easiest approach,
and link to the more detailed background material for the rest.
E.g., the QEMU part doesn't need all the background information
from the QEMU page. Trimming the MokoMakeFile information may be a
bit harder.

>> - how to add/change things to/in the run-time environment
> Hmm, do you mean before the buil with OE or working on the live
> system?

Pick one :-) The idea is to give an answer to "how do I run my
application on QEMU or my Neo, for testing". There are many
possible answers. The "getting started guide" should give one
that's reasonably efficient and reasonably fool-proof.

> That's indeed a big missing point. On the other hand two projects
> already found it way in our tree, rss-reader and calculator, which
> means it seems possible to learn how it works. ;)

Yeah, but this should be really easy. Most beginners won't care
to understand all the fine points of our build process, at least
not initially.

> Anyway we should fill this gap even if I don't know when we have time
> for this. :(

Perhaps this makes that one more item for the "contributions we'd
appreciate" list. People who have gone through a certain learning
experience recently are usually in the best position to describe
it. Any bugs/inefficiencies can be filtered out through peer

> [ Tautology deleted ], I'll add these tasks and perhaps some more
> to the wiki tonight.

Great ! :-)

- Werner

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