John Seghers jseghers at
Fri Jun 8 19:22:40 CEST 2007

As one data point, I have managed to run phoneME Feature via qvfb inside
OpenMoko inside Xephyr on Ubuntu.

Tying together this thread with the UI thread, phoneME is one "application"
that would benefit greatly from having a framebuffer interface available. It
is designed to render to a frame buffer. There is a QTE build, but I have
not gotten that to build yet.

> Ian Darwin wrote:
> > ...  Or, it might be
> > better to do "our own" port of phoneME to OpenMoko. I don't know which
> > approach is better in the long run.
> Has anybody that has GTA01 hardware tried running this?

No hardware here, nor have I tried it in arm emulation--but they do have a
Linux ARM build target and if qvfb can be built for Linux ARM, it should

- John

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