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Tim Newsom cephdon at
Mon Jun 11 01:47:36 CEST 2007

Ok.. before you take my head.. here is an interesting design idea i found
online.  Idea only.. and yes I realize that this version runs a windows
operating system.

Most of us are looking for multi-functional devices and will probably carry
keyboards or such in order to have the ability to type rapidly rather than
using the screen interface.  As an alternative, this device has a fold out
keyboard attached to the case and unfolds to use it.  Combined with a mini
pointing device (ala mini trackball), yes I know you can use the screen..
but that means taking your hand away from the keyboard entirely... It could
hold alot of promise.  Even without pointing device.. but I digress..

I would be very interested in such a converged device where the keyboard is
not "mini" and folds out from the device (maybe on a swivel) to perform its
function when there is room. It also means that you don't have to carry
multiple devices  with multiple power supply demands etc.. it could be a
very 'low tech' keyboard interfaced with the phone physically.  Maybe via a
connector which also allows it to be completely detached.

Anyway.. just posing ideas for the future.
-- Tim
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