Web-based GUI technology for OpenMoko

Matthew S. Hamrick mhamrick at cryptonomicon.net
Mon Jun 11 18:26:24 CEST 2007

Yeah... we're thinking that we were going to totally separate the  
model and domain processing from the view/controller part of the  
application. That way we could have a couple different HTML  
interfaces as well as a SVG/ECMAScript interface. I'm not terribly  
familiar with XAML or XUL, but I understand that most (if not all) of  
the Firefox / Mozilla / Navigator interface was written in XUL.

This is one of the benefits to this approach, IMHO. Separating the  
interface allows us to experiment with a number of different  
interface technologies. And the only thing the experimenters need to  
know is the semantics and syntax of the XML interface.

-Matt H.

On Jun 11, 2007, at 9:18 AM, Tim Newsom wrote:

> If we are heading in the direction of web interfaces, I think we  
> should look at XAML or XUL or something similar.  From what I can  
> tell, they will be adding silverlight support to mono, so using  
> XAML will be possible.  This also separates the code for  
> functionality from the interface and can allow skinning of the  
> entire application interface set.
> This will abstract you from every widget set.  Each action could be  
> exported and called from the UI without needing to worry about all  
> that.
> At least, that's my take on it currently.
> --Tim
> On Mon, 11 Jun 2007 8:44, Florent THIERY wrote:
>> Here's a little look-and-feel example that could be done with an
>> opensource AJAX framework [javascript required]:
>> http://demo.qooxdoo.org/current/showcase
>> This may allow easier separation between apps and GUIs. Of course, as
>> usual we have no idea how well such an app would perform (little &
>> gratuitous prediction: very bad), benchmarking is needed but ... who
>> knows ?
>> This is going along with the ongoings gdk webkit port and gsmd
>> XmlHttpRequest interface (was topic: embedded webserver).
>> What do you think ? Is it REALLY unrealistic ? Could anybody try the
>> url on it's Nokia N770 (lots of happy owners here, right?) and rough
>> feedback the responsiveness ?
>> Cheers
>> Florent
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