standard API for linux phones?

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Tue Jun 12 01:22:33 CEST 2007

Long overdue and if it is a standard then lets all jump onboard and work
with it from inside rather than throwing rocks from the outside.








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> the register has a piece about a draft of a standard API for linux

> phones, concerning basics such as interaction with the address book,

> texting, ui and voice-calling. future revisons to increase the

> coverage




> and from TFA




> does anyone here have any further knowledge about this, beyond the

> blurb on the site? is it worth adhering to, or a thinly-veiled

> atttempt for one company (it's backed by orange) to foist

> propietary/their own standards on everyone else? does it compare at

> all to what the linux mobile group (backed by samsung, motorola and

> others) are trying to achieve? and of course, has it been considered

> for openmoko/the neo?


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