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On 12/06/07, Michele Manzato <michele.manzato at verona.miz.it> wrote:
> Well I don't like this statement at all.
> Don't get me wrong, I can guess (some of) the reasons behind the plain
> words. But then I wonder whether there is really any transparency in the
> development of Neo/OpenMoko? What does it mean, being silent and talking
> in
> riddles seemingly for our own benefit? What about the collaborative FOSS
> effort, community involvement, etc?
> Br
> Michele

I agree entirely regarding transparency etc. but there are two distinct
problems here. FIC's responsibility to their employees and FIC's commitment
to Neo/Openmoko.

Re-allocation in large companies can be tricky and stressful for everyone
involved if not handled properly. I imagine Sean is working hard to get
everything he feels he needs to really pick up the pace on the Neo hardware.

That said, given that we accept the Neo hardware is not vapourware, the
community has plenty to be getting on with in terms of Openmoko. Lets keep
faith in the passion that Sean has shown so far and keep providing
encouragement for the core team.


Good things come to those who wait :)

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> > Believe me when I say that we are working on new stuff that will
> > address these issues. I have been quiet for the past few months
> > because of some major internal re-allocations and new events.
> > Within about a month we should be more or less finished and
> > emerge with far more focus and resources.
> >
> > Until then, please accept my sincere apology for not being able
> > to keep up with all your comments and questions. Internally all
> > my time and energy is being used now.
> >
> > -Sean
> >
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