Web-based GUI technology for OpenMoko

Florent THIERY fthiery at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 11:14:15 CEST 2007

WOW. I'm shocked. We were going the same way as how the iPhone works,
without knowing any of it !

IP over USB kindof sucks on a Win box (have to install shitty
drivers). UMS storage gives direct access to hardware storage. Which
leaves BT & Wifi for samba + webservices.

The way i saw it, the best way to use the phone from a regular
computer is exposing the internal fonctionality using desktop widgets
and a web app. I bet there will be an OSX Dashboard widget for the
iPhone, allowing to do everything without touching it.

Please check out this project, which i find very interesting for this
topic: http://gnetvibes.rubyforge.org

If they are exposing services as local (and shareable) webservices,
then it means their entire interface is webkit-based. They have OpenGL
ES acceleration, it's a certitude now.

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