Openness (was RE: Concern for usability and ergonomics)

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Tue Jun 12 22:04:50 CEST 2007

First, the mailing list is to be used for ideas and communication.  You 
are absolutely correct that FIC will have to make the final decisions 
about what is and isn't included.  However, suggesting that people 
shouldn't be expressing their interests about features no matter how 
niche/picky/whatever is just plain wrong.  FIC will hopefully use some 
of the ideas (and mailing list reaction to those ideas) as a mini focus 
group to determine what features users will really want/use.  There will 
always be complainers, that is just life...ignore them.

Overall, I thought your post was full of fluff (and somewhat out of left 
field).  On the other hand I was someone who posted my disappointment 
with the amount of communication that has been given back to us lately.  
Do they have to keep us in the loop?  Absolutely not, most companies 
aren't even near this open about future products.  However, my 
frustration (if you want to call it that) is the missed delivery date.  
They set a concrete date, missed it, and then just told us "soon."  I 
don't think that is very professional.

I was going to put my disclaimer about how I am 100% for FIC and 
OpenMoko, but its on my original post so don't think that I am trying to 
bash Sean and the gang.  I'm just disappointed at how the last three 
months have progressed.

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