Openness (was RE: Concern for usability and ergonomics)

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Wed Jun 13 02:02:26 CEST 2007

On 6/13/07, Milan Votava <votava at> wrote:
> (sorry for my english)
> I'm subscribed for this this thread for about 6m now. I don't want to
> be rude but:

why so long? you must be interested or you would have long since left

> 1/ 99% of this thread is about an unrealistic things to be

why are they unrealistic? think big

> implemented on a non existent (underpowered) device. Who in the World

non-existent? lots of hardware units around - sun has one, they think
it's useful/important. developers have them. it's a step. we've seen
hardware revs already. there will be more. openmoko isn't limited to
neo, it will expand

> cares about things being discussed in this thread? People wants to

me. lots of others

> use their pones, to make calls, send sms/mms/emails. I'm being tired
> to read over and over about these obscure requirements and ideas

couldn't give a monkey's how obscure it it. you want to do what
mainstream does, fine. i want to do this stuff. i like doing it in
itself, and it's useful to me as well. freedom to tinker

> posted here. Animations like on an iPod? Buy an iPod!

no. too expensive. too closed. unreliable. apple and their users are
smug gits. can do better

> 2/ I believe we are going to be a victims of a huge manipulation.

maybe. i'm after a product. if i have to jump through hoops, that's
fine as long as i think the steps are worthwhile

> There is a company like FIC. There are some adventures like Sean who
> are looking for their fortune. What's the way? To offer to companies
> like FIC a product like Neo with reduced costs. Why the costs are
> reduced? It's simple. There is bunch of people around the globe
> waiting to spare their time to help. You just have to pretend to be
> one of them....

how are they pretending? they've been a lot more open than most phone
they're smart - give a little, take a little. sharing

> 3/ As you can see, the 'openness' of this project is at least in

some of it, possibly. do not judge all of it on recent happenings. i'm
confident sean will give more details when they pass the current

> question. As time goes by, there is more blah blah then some concrete
> information. There are some vague information about GTA1/GTA2 but
> overall, the entropy  is going to 0.

not vague. we know the new proc, the accelerometer details, wireless
chipset and some other stuff. more will come out, i would expect it to
be incremental. see the bigger picture

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