Openness (was RE: Concern for usability and ergonomics)

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Wed Jun 13 02:49:42 CEST 2007

Milan Votava writes:
>1/ 99% of this thread is about an unrealistic things to be 
>implemented on a non existent (underpowered) device. Who in the World 
>cares about things being discussed in this thread? People wants to 
>use their pones, to make calls, send sms/mms/emails. I'm being tired 
>to read over and over about these obscure requirements and ideas 
>posted here. Animations like on an iPod? Buy an iPod!

I care.  I don't really care if nobody else does.  I really don't care
what "people" want.  What *I* want is the potential that PalmOS had at
one time, for me to be able to not just make phone calls, but also to
develop and install what I want.  Being able to listen to music
without buying a second device will be nice, but it's not really the

>2/ I believe we are going to be a victims of a huge manipulation. 
>There is a company like FIC. There are some adventures like Sean who 
>are looking for their fortune. What's the way? To offer to companies 
>like FIC a product like Neo with reduced costs. Why the costs are 
>reduced? It's simple. There is bunch of people around the globe 
>waiting to spare their time to help. You just have to pretend to be 
>one of them....

I think my eyes are wider open than you think they are.  Yes, FIC gets
what you're suggesting out of the deal.  But I get what I asked for in
the first paragraph of my response.  I understand that, and I regard
it as a fair trade (for myself, anyway).  The idea that somehow I'm
better off working on reverse-engineering a phone so the company
doesn't get any benefit... escapes me.  I've done enough
reverse-engineering, thanks.  I'd prefer to never do it again.

>3/ As you can see, the 'openness' of this project is at least in 
>question. As time goes by, there is more blah blah then some concrete 
>information. There are some vague information about GTA1/GTA2 but 
>overall, the entropy  is going to 0.

Yes, I'd like more details on exactly where the problems are.  But
this is so far ahead of what I've seen from any other compnay, I'm not
terribly worried.

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