Neo1973 Update!

Lars Hallberg lah at
Wed Jun 13 04:33:31 CEST 2007

openmokolist.50.minime at skrev:
>> the GPS daemon would need to be updated to allow for kallman filtering
>> using those accelerometers, so that the GPS apps could continue pointing
>> the phones location inside tunnels and stuff
> Unfortunately not. As already pointed out on that list, the
> accelerometers error would add up itself.

But if it's as good as GPS for 10-15 sec it should be possible to 
interpolate 10 - 15 GPS measurements while on the move. Must move fast 
enough so the start vector can be known. But while moving so fast the 
accelerometers can be calibrated over time by GPS data cramming 
absolutely maximum accuracy from them! Maybe detect moving in and out of 
GPS echoes and compensate the results to.

It will also add real time info on acceleration making it easier to 
detect shift of line, change in speed (warn if a speed limit is up ahead).

While still or moving slowly - orientation will be lost :-( But for car 
navigation it will be a boost!

And for games... Think flipper with tilt :-)

> Besides: Its only two accelerometers. You can do 2-dimensional
> 'navigating' with that, no more. No tilting/rotating.

Thats assuming each accelerometer is a single point. But if the tree 
axes is measured with a small offset from each other? That would give 
more info so thats how I guess they are built.


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