R: Openness (was RE: Concern for usability and ergonomics)

Michele Manzato michele.manzato at verona.miz.it
Wed Jun 13 10:37:26 CEST 2007

John Seghers Wrote:
> Jonathon Suggs wrote
> > There will always be complainers, that is just life...ignore them.
> It is, indeed, the complainers that I was commenting on. The one 
> that I quoted was complaining that stuff was being hidden from us 
> because FIC is working on new specs and hasn't shared them yet.

Alright, here's the complainer. You know, complaints make projects grow (or
fail) as much as compliments do. Both are useful, or needed. By the way I'm
happy to read that you know what FIC is at. I don't.

Indeed there's something going on in the backstage and we are intentionally
keep out of it. I'm not saying that FIC hasn't the right to do so, they are
a commercial company so their first targets must be market and sales. But
this policy is going to impact the software part of it, which is meant to be
open and to which we'd like to contribute to. Some months ago Sean suggested
a few more fancy Openmoko-based devices. Well, fine, but how will this
affect the evolution of the OpenMoko software stack? Are we really likely to
make sensible suggestions (or sensible discussions) if we don't know the big
picture? Sean is promising more focus and resources, but on which targets?
That are the problems. 

I'm really looking forward to the next month and the coming back of the
Openmoko leader. Until then, we're just a bunch of friends fancying around a
wannabe phone.


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