Open Moko Themes

Emre Turkay emreturkay at
Wed Jun 13 15:49:08 CEST 2007

On 6/13/07, Peter A Trotter <peter.trotter at> wrote:
> If the application is then used on a different form factor device you can
> simply produce a new SVG file. All the UI script and images are linked to
> the SVG.
> This also gives us a nice separation of people who are good at making things
> look good and those of us who know the loop preconditions / postconditions
> without even thinking.
> If openmoko is to deal with multiple different devices/resolutions this will
> be a key feature.

I totally agree that openmoko graphics should be in a vector graphics
format. Generate the bitmaps bigger for neo and maybe smaller for
iphone, etc. Storing the generated bitmaps in .png or .svg files does
really don't much matter. If .svg provides embedding bitmaps, why not.


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