[openmoko-announce] Some light ahead...

Ivan -sk8- Chavero ichavero at seispistos.com.mx
Tue Jun 12 22:28:22 CEST 2007


I want to start developing apps for openmoko but i haven't being able to 
find any tools for that. i have browsed the wiki, projects and the other 
sections of the website and no luck.

I'm interested on developing some thin client apps on the openmoko 
framework as a proof of concept for my masters thesis on low coupled 
distributed applications so it would be great if somebody could give me 
some links for the documentation and developer tools.

P.D. I also want to purchase a phone it looks like a very interesting 
combination technology and philosophy!!

thanks in advance.

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> Dear Community,
> We owe you all an update as to our status. Here it goes...
> Last week we finished 200 devices. Of these about 50 seem to have some
> problems but the rest are functionally complete, tested, and ready to
> go. We know the source of the problems for the 50 that failed and this
> is already corrected. This is great news because it means we can finally
> start to move out of engineering sample mode and into real production! 
> These first 150 (or so) devices will go to phase 0 developers and our
> internal / external developers -- of which many still don't even have
> phones!
> Oh and Imre Kaloz gets a freed phone, too. Thanks for being the first to
> tell us about Atheros. We're almost for sure going to use their AR6K
> chipset in our next product.
> We must forewarn you all that we're having some supply issues with our
> 2.8" VGA LCM. Our vendor has had more than their fair share of troubles
> moving this LCM into mass production. We have some in stock now. But
> this might be the major bottleneck moving forward. There are only a few
> companies currently making LCMs of this size and resolution. 
> Finally, we've already begun moving production into one of our factories
> in mainland China. There are two runs scheduled now: May 10th and May
> 20th. We're going to take those runs a bit slow just to make sure the
> quality is high. And then starting in June, things can run full speed. 
> Thanks again for your continued support and patience. The light at the
> end of the tunnel is getting a little brighter :-)
> Sincerely,
> The Core Team

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